I think too many people think that atheism necessitates pessimism.  I can understand why there’s probably some correlation.  But I think that atheism necessitates an excitement in a person if they look at it in the right way.  Other people seem to live their lives for something outside this world, whatever that is.  People that don’t think about a second chance would naturally take this one more seriously.  They would have more inspiration to do something noteworthy or interesting.  It should give one a greater appreciation of the life you’re in now, and it should give one even more energy to work to improve it.

My backyard.

I swear to science if I see one more hashtag in the corner of a TV show I’m going to do something I would not normally do in most circumstances.

Was Howie Mandel ever dabble in illusions?  If not, he should have been. Chris Combs would definitely peg this guy as an amateur magician.

My front yard.

One of my least favorite things in the world is having to pretend I like a weird gift.  It’s not because I’m disappointed I didn’t get something better or that I don’t appreciate the gesture, it’s just an awkward situation when I’m more confused than excited.

Sweet, Bro…

Yeah, I’m just gonna go ahead and take the trophy instead. Thanks though.

How many times can they remake American Idol into another show?  I’d love to be a fly on the wall in the rooms where these shows were pitched:  This is just like AI, except it’s with two people!  This is basically AI, except it’s dancing!  Check out this new show; it’s like AI except it’s groups.  Or talent instead of singing.

How do they keep making the same things over and over again?  On a related note, have any of The Bachelor(ette) couples ever worked out?  How many of them have had healthy marriages lasting over two years?  How can they even pretend to build suspense over whether this will be the perfect match or not?  They’re just setting people up for failure.  It’s entertaining, but still.

Despite the odds being enormously in his failure, this man will almost assuredly fail to find a suitable mate. And his ex will become the next Bachelorette. It never ends.


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