stuff you should listen to

40 Day Dream- Try to listen to this song without smiling.

Some Nights- This song speaks for itself.

Rollin’ in the Deep- John Legend arguably makes this song better.

Keep Floatin- Kirby’s anthem.

Avicii’s Epic Hangover- I’d imagine most of Avicii’s hangovers are fairly epic.

Little Lion Man- Probably my favorite song of all time.  Who would have thought it would involve a banjo?

Promises- 1:08: Oh, there you are Skrillex.

Toes- Do not listen to this song unless you have a Corona in your hand.  You’re just not relaxing hard enough.

Hurt- This song defines the term “heavy.”

Wonderwall- Except not exactly.

There Is- Classic high school love song.

Que Sera- The audio snippets actually make sense if you listen to them.

Germany to Germany- Nothing better than Ratatat for a 20 minute trek to the Commons.

What You Need- I recommend a Corona for this one as well.  Maybe mix it up and go for a Sam Adams Summer Ale.

Pursuit of Happiness- This is the kind of song I’d listen to if I owned a small Japanese racing motorcycle.

Calling- Instant classic.

Escape Me- For more of my views on Tiesto, check out the Hustler section under stuff I’ve written.

Exile Vilify- I only found out about this song because I’m so nerdy that I read about video games that I don’t even play.  From Portal 2.

Paradise- Coldplay works well with dance/housey music for some reason.

The Kick- Great movie. Great song.

Lights- One of the millions of remixes of this song.

hahahaha jk?- I was really more of a General Hospital fan growing up.

Stockholm Syndrome- Just awesome.  From one of the best albums of all time.

Beast Mode- B.O.B. can be cool sometimes.

Downtown- If you don’t know who Ground Up is, we’re probably not very close friends.

Stop This Train- Click play, collapse exhaustedly on couch. Listen.

Break the Chain- Train reminded me of chain, idk.

Still Speedin’- And if you liked Sway…

I’ll Fly With You – More from Europe, which explains why the video is super weird. Courtesy of Christian Solcher.

The Suffering- When a chick sings with a guy who sounds like a chick.

If I Had a Hammer- A Siebach staple.

Verstrahlt- FIFA 12 has a bunch of gems, honestly. I really need to learn German.

Trilla- I don’t understand why Peso came out as the single.


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